"Knock, knock?"
Me: "Who's there?"
Me: "Awe, crap..."

I have dedicated most of my life to science and medicine because it is all I have ever wanted to do since I was 5 years old. I still own the very antiquated medical book with my “physician’s signature” in crayon just inside the cover. My discovering that book at a young age would permanently set my internal dial to finding answers, facts…truth. It led me to becoming a research scientist, a nurse, and hopefully in 1 more year, a nurse practitioner. I am not the brightest or most accomplished in my field. I have many people to admire. However, I do believe I have an ability to advocate for patients and to discuss sometimes complicated information so that they feel safe and reassured during a difficult diagnosis. I never thought I would have to do it for myself this soon, but that is why this blog is here. It is to talk about my unwanted house guest, cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer less than 2 months ago. I don’t write this merely to be cathartic or to speak of my amusing observations throughout this experience (they are, you’ll see). Frankly, it is somewhat difficult to open my private world up. What makes me do it? Connection. It is how I keep you, my friends and family, close to me while the battle commences. We will have some laughs in the worst of times, I promise. And just maybe this might reach someone I don’t know well who is going through the same thing and needs some encouragement. There are a lot of us in this together. In one day, cancer abruptly busted in on me as it did maybe you or someone else you know. After the denial, anger, and bargaining, I had to accept it was not leaving anytime soon. But I think there is a trick to getting this unwanted guest to leave. Fill your house with the people who love you.

As I have received a tremendous amount of support already, I want to give back. I promise to share my stories, as well as, some of the science behind fighting cancer.  So, as you read the blog, there will be the more fun commentary pages, but I urge you to refer to the more factual “Science Behind Cancer” page, also.